Born and raised in the wine country of northern California, I knew from a young age that wanted to pursue a career in the design industry.  While traveling with my family, I loved visiting new restaurants and hotels and admiring the creative way design was used to transform a space.

I pursued that dream in college and graduated from California State University, Chico with a degree in Art, focused on Interior Design. 

Since moving to Grand Rapids more than 17 years ago, I have collaborated with many talented builders and designers that have provided the foundation for understanding every aspect of the design and construction industry.  

My love of design means I embrace the challenge that every new client and project brings. Combining the desires of my clients with the opportunities their space or budget brings is the challenge that drives me.

My design philosophy is based on allowing the style of my client to shine through.  My goal is not to showcase my personal style or taste but listen to my client, hear what they love, interpret their personal style and translate that all into a visual representation of their dream home.

Opening Morse Design is the fulfillment of my childhood aspiration.  Please visit the photo galleries to see a few of 
the homes my clients have invited me to be a part of.


Because of you, our house is a beautiful home
that we love! 

As always, THANK YOU for your time, talent, nd ability to work with another designer, You are my therapist.= ) Appreciate all you  do!

Love your style! The interior design of the Parade Home #7 was the BEST EVER!